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Welcome to LincTech

LincTech Global Logistics, originally LincTech Marine Transportation, is a shipping and logistics firm based in the United States of America. We provide air and ocean freight services from the United States to countries all over the world.

Customers with little packages have benefited greatly from our consolidation strategy. LincTech has over 15 years of experience in shipping and logistics. Our success has been fueled by wonderful and loyal clients who have continued to support us either directly by shipping with us or indirectly by referring others.

Our goal is to expand and provide the best and most dependable service while maintaining the shipment’s integrity. Our top focus is to ensure customer happiness and the integrity of the shipment. As you browse our site to see what we have to offer, we appreciate your time.

Our Expertise Services We Offer

Discover the different type of services that we have to offer.

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Shipping Schedule

Discover the times for our shipping options.

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One Way Movers

Find out how our moving service is able to help you.

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Shipping Tracking

Track your shipments and cargo.

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We Are Now Shipping Cargo via Air

We provide shipment options that uses airplanes and more.

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

It is our ultimate goal to help every individual with their shipment needs. Whether they want their loads to be shipped via ocean or air, we can do it for them. We also aim to be one of the leading shipping and logistics providers in Missouri and its neighboring areas.

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